Can Filler & Seamer Machine

We offer variant type of filler and seamer.
For Food / CSD / HotFill / SCM line.
FlowMeter / Gravity Fill / Piston Type of filling method.

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Can Seamer

Can Seamers provide a precision filling and seaming capacity up to 800 cans per minute in maximum. It is suitable for filling with low viscosity liquids in aluminum and steel beverage cans, such as juice, coffee, tea, coconut juice, walnut milk and sesame seed paste, etc. The Filler is driven by the Seamer for synchronized operation. The new designed filling machine integrates the multiple CIP functions, lube-free filling lifter and motorized working height adjustment, etc.

Double Seamer

A double seam is a canning process for sealing a tin can by mechanically interlocking the can body and a can end (or lid).

Originally, the can end was soldered or welded onto the can body after the can was filled. However, this introduced a variety of issues, such as foreign contaminants. The double seam was later developed as a cheaper and safer alternative and quickly replaced the welded seam. The metal to metal or metal to composite joint formed by mechanically interlocking five layers; three from the can end and two from the can body. These layers are compressed and ironed tightly to form the hermetic seal.

  • The filler is available to carry out the CIP (Clean-in-Place).
  • The liquid level in filling tank is controlled by the float level switch.
  • The filling temperature can be read, set and monitored by HMI (Touch Screen).
  • Automatic stop feeding as low liquid level in filling tank.
  • Automatic stop feeding as the liquid is below the filling temperature.
  • All parts in contact with liquid are made of SUS304 stainless steel.
  • Lube-free and maintenance saving Filling Lifters.
  • Motorized height adjustment of the seaming head.
  • Frequency Inverter for variable speed control.
  • Automatic Centralized Lubrication System.
  • All cams of Seamer are made by hardening and track fine grinding.
  • Titanium Nitride coated Seaming Rolls.
  • Seaming Rolls are simply adjusted by worm screws.
  • Automatic Stop Control System.
  • Automatic lubrication for bottom drive gears of the Seamer.
  • SUS304 stainless guarding enclosure & tempered glass windows.
  • Optional Undercover Gassing / Steam Injection.
  • Optional Automatic CIP spray with hot water for the Seamer.
  • Optional motorized height adjustment for the filler.

Gravity Can Filler

Gravity Can Filler is designed for filling low viscosity noncarbonated liquid into aluminum, tin or plastic cans such as fruit juice, tea, sport drink, milk, etc.

All parts of the filler that contacting with the product are made of high-quality stainless steel to correspond to utmost hygienic requirements. Simple gravity filling valve is designed for easier operation and maintenance even for the beginner. Thanks to the development of the exhausting valve, the remained water inside the filling valve and tank can be exhausted completely by one touch button on the touch panel.

The Gravity Can Filler is equipped with a product return system. If the temperature of the product inside the filling tank is under standard, the product can be recycled and heated again.

For the convenient operation and safety purpose, the Gravity Can Filler is standard equipped with variety functions such as “No Can No Fill”, “Product Under Temperature Can Blocker On”, “Motor Overload Machine Stop”, “Infeed No Can Blocker On” and so on.


Piston Filler

Piston Filler is developed for all kinds of containers, large or small, plastic or glass, metal can or jar. The filling range includes the product that is dense or semi dense, with or without particles, such as chilli sauce, tomato concentrate, baby food, sweet condensed milk, fruit pulps, honey, jams, pet foods, spaghetti sauce, cream, jelly, aloe vera and so on.

The filling volume can be adjusted easily from zero to maximum fill volume while the machine is in operation by automatic motorized volume adjustment system that can be controlled on the touch panel.

All machine parts in contact with the products are made of stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials.

Our Piston Filler can be supplied with CIP (Clean-In-Place) function. The product and cleaning fluids can be collected completely because of the special design on the stainless-steel bottom plate with collection through and one single drainage point.

Flow Meter Filler

Flow Meter Filler is suitable for both cold and hot filling of non-carbonated product as well as high viscosity product such as sweet condensed milk and sauce.

The high-quality imported flow meter is assembled on every product feeding pipe of filling valve then connect to the PLC for centralized control and easier operation. The amount of product flowrate in the feeding pipe is measured by the electrical conductivity so the correct filling quantity of each filling valve is determined in order to catch high accuracy filling performance and save from the over-fill.

By using the flow meter, there is not limitation on the filling volume for each container. Depends on the design of filler diameter and number of filling valves, the filling range can be adjusted from 100ml to 5,000ml easily by storing filling parameters.

The flow meter filling valve is designed simply and hygienically in order to ensures the best cleaning capabilities. Non-contact filling also makes the filling process cleaner and saver.